Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Spring

I’ve just begun to explore edible and medicinal plants beyond the usual herbs and will include them in Bissel Gardens in the future.

Mark All My Words

by Mark Miles

I’ve been fascinated with plants since I was a child. From my earliest memories, I can recall exploring in the woods, traipsing through undergrowth, building forts with sticks and twigs, admiring wildflowers, and feeling a profound sense of peace and tranquility in the presence of plants. They’ve always been a part of my life to one degree or another, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate their role not only in my own life but in human society in general.

One aspect of my appreciation has increased recently, and that is the health benefits of plants. I’ve discussed in a prior article (which you can read here) how I’ve dealt with prediabetes, obesity, and progressive cognitive decline after a period of poor diet in my twenties. Recently I’ve been beset with health issues relating to nascent food allergies, circulatory inflammation, and perforation of the…

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Published by czvasser

As a kid, I grew up in Morrisania, in the Bronx and learned to grow food in the Crotona Park victory garden. That ultimately led to a green career including 20 years at the Bronx Zoo and more than 30 years in non-profit management. I learned to cook at my grandmothers knee before I was 10 years old and still love it. My love basketball and I referee boys, girls High School Varsity and recreational basketball. I write, I write, I write. I was an English major with a thought of going into journalism. Hmm, but I still write everyday.

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