New York Cares at Bissel Gardens

I had a great day with the volunteers from New York Cares. Bissel Gardens is ready for Spring planting!

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The Tomato Diaries

Community Greens

2394629_240624_tomato20for20letterheadWelcome to the Tomato Diaries: I am going to plant 6 different tomato varieties, from Beefsteak to Cherry, this year. I will duplicate the plantings in 5 gallon buckets and compare the results. The Tomato Diary will keep you updated and provide tips on growing great tomatoes. Let’s begin with one of the most common complaints and concerns about tomato growing.

Why Tomato Plants Split

A tomato split (or crack) is caused by the tomato plant absorbing water too quickly.  The inside expands but skin can’t stretch to accommodate the extra fluid.  So, the skin splits and heals up.

This can for a few reasons

  1. You forget to water regularly and the soil gets to dry.  Then you finally remember and water a lot to make up for it or it rains.  The plant drinks up the water super fast and the skin splits.
  2. Your water regularly (everyday after…

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Fordham University Students Cleanup Bissel Gardens

I had a great time working with the students from Fordham University!

Community Greens

An absolutely wonderful group of students from Fordham University came out to Bissel Gardens on April 8 for our 1st Spring Cleanup this year. They did a fantastic job. We appreciate their help and realize we couldn’t get planting this year without them.

Bissel Gardens has Volunteer Cleanups every 2nd Saturday of the month thru November and opportunities for new gardeners, especially veterans. Why don’t you join us!

Email Chuck Vasserfor more info.


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New Yorkers for Parks

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Have you checked the Parks budget?

The Daffodil Project

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Bissel Gardens Native Plant Giveaway

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